Rebeyrolle or a painter diary

Gérard Rondeau

Preface by Jean-François Jaeger

Reviewed and updated edition

Publisher : Editions des Equateurs, January 2013

150 pages - 19 euros

"A Rondeau's book for Rebeyrolle, one lending on his eye and voice to the other, to produce the book he would never have made without him. […]
Rondeau fades away, Rebeyrolle moves forward; these are the lyrics. For the music, the images one, they go in this book arm in arm. There are few complicity accounts more moving than the ability of an artist to serve another artist, when there is an intimate link between them. The Diary of their journeys, a luxury that is this infinite story, is a gift. […] At the moment he died, one looked the other go to the other side to his canvas." Pierre Assouline