Chronicle of a Portraitist, WASHINGTON - French Embassy
(January 19th, March 16th 2012)

Susan Sontag, Gore Vidal, Jeff Koons, Nadine Gordimer, Louise Bourgeois…This eclectic assortment of authors and artists share one thing in common: all have been photographed by Gérard Rondeau...
Showed for the first time in New York York in 2009 at "972th" 5th avenue (review of the event HERE), their portraits, along with more than 100 others, will be on display at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in Washington.

"Rondeau uses a conception of the portrait which is similar to that of Manet and Cézanne. Manet and Cézanne’s faces are not the explicit masks of a feeling or social status. They raise numerous suggestions, which are as contradictory and changeable as each individual... The same goes for Rondeau’s portraits: it is about the interval between two definable attitudes and thus gives each of the people he photographs their depths and enigmas."
Philippe Dagen, art critic, writer